Welcome to my Page!

Welcome to my Page!

Welcome to my Page!Welcome to my Page!

About Me

Ksenia Putintseva, M.D.

Hey there and thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Ksenia, and I am a physician who is passionately in love with fashion. 

I was born & raised in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the United States about 7 years ago after graduating medical school. Me and my husband used to live on Manhattan for a few years then job brought us to Boston. This is where our family expanded to having our beloved son - Daniel. And 2 chihuahuas - Barney & Fred. I travel a lot in between Boston & New York City, and in the meantime we reside in a beautiful state of Connecticut.

Besides my career in healthcare, I started blogging a couple years ago on my Instagram page, and attracted many followers as an influencer in various spheres of life, including:

-  Fashion: talking about latest trends, live translations from fashion weeks and events

-  Shopping: finding outfits for every budget, mixing high-low fashion like a boss

-  Motherhood: raising a boy made fun and easy

- Health and wellness: as a physician I educate followers about important things regarding health, self care, and do consulting for fellow doctors,  students, including those taking USMLE and preparing for residency. I am ECFMG certified, with 3 years of Ob/Gyn experience in my home country; and 3.5 years of experience working in clinical operations in one of the hospitals in Boston for private Anesthesiology & Pain Management group.

In December 2019 I have launched my book “How to Doc. USA” (in Russian) that has already helped a lot of young doctors to start following their dream of becoming a physician in the USA.